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Getting stressed over your move to Gold Coast? Removalists in Gold Coast are experts in moving house, office, vehicles and numerous other things. They are specialist in providing top notch moving services. We truly believe we are the best removalists in Gold Coast and we back this up by providing exceptional moving services and a full range of relocation services in Gold Coast.

Citiesmovers is a platform which provides you the online directory of top 10 most-trusted and genuine removalists in Gold Coast. They are experienced and skilled to perform any type of removal in the most efficient manner.

What makes Citiesmovers removalists Gold Coast best?

Removalists Gold Coast is providing top grade moving services to their clients. But, what exactly makes us the best in the market?

Let’s have a look at what makes Citiesmovers the best

✅ Excellent customer services

All staff at Citiesmovers removalists in Gold Coast strives to provide the highest level of customer service. As the best Gold Coast removalists, we aim to provide our customers the best moving services and our clients reviews attest to our success in accomplishing that. If you are looking for cost-effective moving, Gold Coast removals is your best chance. You can have peace of mind knowing that our Gold Coast removalists take extra care and treating your furniture and goods as their own. For a great moving experience you can choose Citiesmovers removalists Gold Coast.

✅ Flexibility

As Citiesmovers Gold Coast removalists, we offer a full range of moving services for clients seeking the most painless moves.  We also understand that some customers can have a strict budget. They may prefer to stick to a predetermined budget limit.  And for this reason, our services are very flexible – allowing the customer to choose exactly which service they want.

If you don’t want to do any hard work, we will pack and move all your belongings and unpack to help you settle into your new home or office quicker.  We will ensure that your staff is back to work as quickly as possible for business customers. Our full-service packing and unpacking include dismantling and reassembling any items that require this service such as heavy furniture, machinery or electrical appliances.

If you don’t want all the services provided by removalists then we also provide premium boxes for you to pack. Our packing and unpacking services are very flexible. You can get the boxes if you can do the packing on your own.

✅ Trustworthy

Our reliable furniture removalists in Gold Coast won’t delay your move through the fault of our staff or vehicles.  Why?  Our team is permanent and experienced full-time employees – we do not rely on the local backpackers!  Our moving vehicles are company-owned, and we take good care of them.  Finally, we are professional Gold Coast removalists with highly skilled and experienced staff and management, all working to ensure that your relocation is professionally executed to the highest removalist’s standards.

Types of Services Offered by Removalists in Gold Coast

Removalists in Gold Coast provide a comprehensive range of services. So, here are some of them

Office removals

Citiesmovers are your professional office removalists, local and interstate. Relocating to a new office or commercial complex does not have to be difficult. Gold Coast removalists is expert at moving office furniture and equipment, and we take care of every small or big detail.  You can limit the downtime with our customized and high-standard services. Our team will help you in discarding your worries and concerns.

Packing & unpacking of goods

Every move is different from one another. That is the reason why we offer flexible services to work around your needs and can tailor a package to suit you. Gold Coast removalists will help you in packing and unpacking of your goods. Whether you need a hand packing your entire house and delicate items or to disassemble and reassemble selected items like furniture and electrical appliances, we’re here to help you. Just let us know your needs, and we can organise it for the day of your relocation.

We can provide packing service to meet your requirements, no matter how big or small. You can get in touch with our helpful customer service team to find out more about our packing and unpacking services for your local or interstate removals. With our full range of options, we offer the best removalist service in Gold Coast. We only hire full-time, experienced workers. Our team is reliable, authentic and trustworthy. You can sit back and relax while they are handling your expensive and valuable items with extra care.

Commercial removals

Moving heavy commercial items is a back-breaking task. You need accurate freight and logistics to move your commercial cargo in a safe and secure manner. Commercial Removalists in Gold Coast will simplify and ease out the entire process. Our logistics management experts are super experienced and well-trained for managing and moving your commercial items. So, you can rest assured that your goods are in safe hands. 

Interstate removals

Removals Gold Coast provides stress-free and worry-free interstate removals. We understand the hassle that one can face during interstate removals. So, whether you are moving from Gold Coast to Adelaide or Gold Coast to Melbourne, Gold Coast removals and storage will ensure you don’t face any kind of inconvenience.

Furniture removals

If you are planning to move your furniture within or out of Gold Coast, we are happy to help. We have experienced staff that will help you in packing and moving your furniture. Our team knows what kind of packaging material is suitable for packing of what kind of furniture. Sometimes, the furniture may require dismantling, our removalists will do that for you as well. We provide top level dismantling services. Besides that, our team will also do the re-assembling at your new place with utmost care.

Things you need to check before hiring Removalists in Gold Coast

As we already know moving can be really stressful. It all depends on the removals that you hire, they can either reduce your stress or even skyrocket it. So, it is important to do your homework on the removalists before putting your faith and resources into their hands.

How to check if your removalists is legit and genuine?

Let’s see some things you need to check before you hire a removalists company for your move.

✅ Do they have the license?

This is your number task to do. You need to check whether the removalists have the valid license or not. If they are legit and genuine they won’t take much time to provide proof they are licensed. Besides that, another thing you must check is whether they are insured or not. Ask them to show their business license as well as proof they carry insurance with the Australian government.

✅ What their customers have to say about them?

Hit the internet and check what the previous and existing customers have to say about that particular removalists. Where you can see the reviews? You can read the reviews on their website, Google and on Yelp as well. Also, you can check out their social media pages to learn what their customers are saying about their services. If the reviews are positive, this mostly tells good things about the company. However, you should be mindful that some of the reviews can be fake and paid, thus you can ask friends and family members who have availed their services.

✅ Whether they are AFRA-Accredited or not

AFRA stands for Australian Removalists Furniture Association is an optional accreditation that removals and storage companies may apply for. The process to become a member is tedious and the organization prioritizes your safety. So, if the removalists is AFRA-Accredited, it is a bonus.

✅ Try to get an in-person estimate

Companies giving quotation over phone may not say good things about them. The right estimate can only be given by having a tour of the house or office. An in-person assessment of your home or office and your goods is crucial to creating a precise estimate for you. This allows the removalists to see exactly how much items you have, if you have any particularly bulky or fragile items that may require the use of special equipment (like a piano lift) or have items that may require additional time to relocate. After seeing your home, the removalists can send you a detailed estimate for the cost of their service. It is always advisable to receive quotes from at least three removalists in Gold Coast.

✅ Are their services affordable?

Moving can be really expensive. And you will definitely spend more when you don’t have the information and the know-how. So, it is always better to hire a professional Gold Coast removalists in order to save your hard-earned money. They will have all the knowledge and information about the process as well as how much the cost could be which will help you in saving money. So, you should check whether the removalists is affordable or not. That being said, do not fall for lucrative discounts and amazing deals as that can be a trap by fake and fraud companies trying to dupe you. Besides that, confirm if there are any hidden charges. Also, check the terms and conditions of removalists for moving goods. so, the bottom line is you need to hire someone who provides affordable yet effective and genuine moving services.

✅ Are they reliable?

Reliability of the removalists in Gold Coast is as important as affordability, if not more. Reliability and punctuality are vital. When you are relocating your home or office or vehicle, it’s important that people who are helping you out with your household items and other important things are authentic and trustworthy. If they do not arrive on time, you will not be able to benefit from their moving services. Therefore check that the Gold Coast removals is consistent and reliable and will be accessible in all situations.

✅ Do they provide removals insurance?

Moving is incomplete without insurance. Good removalists in Gold Coast will always have the facility of insurance to cover your goods which will save you an additional cost of taking insurance cover for your belongings. Some of your goods that you’re moving are likely to be costly. You definitely would want an assurance that it will not be damaged or lost during the move. It will give you peace of mind when you have insurance for your goods. You will not have to get stressed about them anymore. However, accidents can happen anytime, nobody has control over it, thus making sure about the insurance will keep your goods safe at all costs.

Process of relocation

Now, let’s take a look at the process of relocation


Preparation is important when it comes to moving. It involves a tour of your house or office or corporate to determine the inventory and things in order to plan the decided day of relocating.

Packing of items

Next step is the packing of those goods in inventory. Removalists will come to your place to pack your essentials. They use high-quality packaging paper to pack your goods. So, you can just sit back and relax as our removalists will take care of the packing including packing of fragile and heavy goods.

Loading of packed items

Once the goods are packed, removalists will load them into the moving vehicle with utmost care and safety. This is to ensure that the goods don’t get damaged or misplaced.


Our experienced and trained drivers will transport your goods to the destination with extra safety in a careful manner. The transit is fully insured. So, you can stay stress-free.

Unloading of goods

Once the goods arrive at the destination, removalists will unload them carefully. After that, they will also do the unpacking as well as re-assembling of goods.