Top 10 Packers and Movers in Singapore 2021

Looking for Top Packers and Movers in Singapore? Find Best Movers and Packers in Singapore ranked by as per their market rapport and performance. One Stop Reliable Shifting Solution where you can find the list of Best Packers and Movers for Local Shifting and Long Distance Shifting. Here you can find all the Top Performing List of Packers and Movers. Domestic Movers and Packers for Local Shifting are available here with Cheap Rates. Our Moving Companies deal with Household Moving, Vehicle Transportation, Office Furniture and Equipment Moving and Packing, and many other moving types.

List of Verified Packers and Movers in SingaporeSponsored

01. Astro Worldwide Movers

02. CYC Movers

03. Zealous Mover

04. SIR MOVE Services

05. Kaplan Logistics

06. Santa Fe Relocation

07. Anytime Movers Singapore

08. Wise Move

09. The Trio Movers

10. Red Sun Movers


No.1 Availability

Consistently approachable and responsive, so customers never feel ignored.


No.2 Qualifications

Building customer confidence with licensing, accreditations, and awards.


No.3 Reputation

History of delighted customers and outstanding service.


No.4 Experience

Masters of their craft, based on years of practical experience.


No.5 Professionalism

Providing service with honesty, reliability, and respect.

Who We Are

Singapore is a beautiful place to explore or spend vacation. But there are many people, who shift to Singapore for short period of time or permanently for so many reasons one of them is job change. You would be one of them, we guess. So, are you all set to relocate to, from or within Singapore? If yes, then have you planned how will you shift your belonging there? How will you manage to pack or load your belongings to take them with you?

These are some questions that can eat your mind and make your trip worrisome. Well, flying internationally with all household belongings requires assistance and professionals’ help who can help you throughout the relocation journey. This is where packers and movers play their role. If you’re badly in search of packers and movers then you’ve found your way to go with

That being said, citiesmovers is a renowned web directory and a one-stop relocation platform having partnered with top 10 packers and movers companies in Singapore. We help clients find best packers and movers from the list of top 10 companies by making their searching task easy-breezy.

Don’t you believe us? Let’s talk about citiesmovers briefly below.

Citiesmovers, a trustworthy web directory for your relocation needs

You already know that citiesmovers is an online directory containing a list of top 10 reliable packers and movers. At citiesmovers, we directly work with Singapore’s finest packers and movers so that we can make sure that each packer and mover service happen through us is cherishing, stress and damage free. Moreover, each of the relocation that happens at citiesmovers is thoroughly analysed by our experts. In fact, citiesmovers provides services all across Singapore and worldwide. In fact, all the companies connected with us are highly reputed and trustworthy that do everything to provide best packers and movers services at affordable prices.

We ensure that once you check out the list of companies here, you will go nowhere and end up hiring the company that will eventually fulfil all your relocation needs.

How citiesmovers finalizes the list of top 10 packers and movers in Singapore?

There are plenty of packers and movers companies available in Singapore, so why only 10 companies are listed with citiesmovers? On what basis, citiesmovers collaborate and build network with packers and movers? You would probably have these questions in mind, right.

Here let us explain to you the entire hiring process. Before we finalize any packers and movers company to be added in our list, we follow a process where we go through each of the company’s profile and check out thoroughly. Basically, we start by searching and analysing the star rating and reputation of the company in the market. Then we go on monitoring and evaluating the kind of Services Company provides. After that we look at the star rating and customer reviews for that particular company. Moreover, experts and professional work is also examined by us. We also look at the methods, tools, and transportation services packers and movers use during relocation process. Finally, each of the packers and movers companies goes through a testing process in the area of expertise. After analysing all these things, we finally select the company and collaborate with them.

If you see, citiesmovers follows a strict process to check out the quality of the company because our clients’ satisfaction is our priority.

Let’s move further and talk about the…

Top-notch services you get from packers and movers

Before you look at the list of services that packers and movers provide, let us tell you that citiesmovers ensure to offer affordable and cost-effective services to our customers so that you find it a valuable deal. We ensure that the companies don’t charge hidden amounts from clients and remain trustworthy throughout the relocation process. So, let’s now have a look at the services you can avail from packers and movers in Singapore:

  • Domestic shifting
  • National sifting
  • International shifting
  • Household shifting
  • Office shifting
  • Door-to-door service
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Loading and unloading
  • Handling delicate items carefully and packing them with quality material
  • Insurance coverage if damage done against at any item
  • Reliable and fast shifting assistance
  • Personal assistance

And many more to add in the list. We ensure that with above-mentioned services, your relocation process becomes much simpler, easier, and cakewalk. All the services are delivered by highly experienced and professional experts who will take care of your items carefully.

Benefits you get by hiring packers and movers services from citiesmovers

Are you wondering what benefits you can get by hiring packers and movers from To make you aware of this, we have a list of benefits for you. Just read them below:

✅ Discount on services: The first advantage you get is discount on services you hire from packers and movers from the list of With citiesmovers, you will experience a cost-effective deal that will save you huge amount.

✅ Insurance coverage: Not all packers and movers companies provide you insurance coverage, but companies enlisting with citiesmovers do provide insurance coverage.

✅ Full safety: Citiesmovers ensures that the service providers are experts and professionals having many years of experience in this field. The professionals ensure to provide you full safety of your items while packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and throughout the relocation process.

✅ High security: You never know which packers and movers steal your household items while relocation process. Well, it can happen if you hire any third-party company without having any reference. But companies networking with citiesmovers are highly secured and trustworthy that safely delivers your items to the destination place.

Thus, the goal of citiesmovers is to serve clients well by helping them find the best packers and movers in Singapore. So, if you’re really looking for packers and movers services, then citiesmovers web directory is your all-in-one solution.

What are the steps involved in home relocation process?

There are many steps involved in the home relocation process. Look at the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Pre move survey

The home relocation process starts with pre-move survey. The professionals will come to visit your house to determine the inventory and things and how they’re going to move on final moving day. During the move, they will inspect everything provide you estimate moving amount.

Step 2 – Packing of items

After pre-moving survey, the day will come when professionals will be packing your household items with quality materials and latest methods and techniques. The materials professionals use include bubble wrapping, carton boxes, packing paper, plastic wrap, etc.

Step 3 – Loading of items

Once your materials are packed, it’s time to load them into truck safely without damaging any item. Skills are required to load big items like TV, furniture, art & painting, light fixtures, etc. into truck.

Step 4 – Transportation

Now it’s time to deliver items to the destined place through truck. Packers and Movers in Singapore use right size of moving truck to provide safe and secure transport delivery.

Step 5 – Unloading of items

Once the truck is reached to the destination place, professionals will use appropriate tools and techniques to carefully unload the items from the truck.

And finally move the items to the new house and help you place the items as per your needs and requirements.

This is the complete home relocation process which involves 5 steps, which Packers and Movers in Singapore follows.

What preparations you must do when relocating your home?

✅ Firstly declutter unwanted items from the list

Do you want to reduce the load off your shoulder? If yes, start decluttering unwanted items from the list. Sell items that are no more in use and throw items that are waste and unwanted. You can’t carry all these items with you to a new place.

✅ Pack essential items in a bag

Everyone has important documents and items with them no matter what. During home shifting you can’t afford to lose those items, right. Therefore, prepare a bag in which you can keep all the essential and relevant items and take them to a new place.

✅ Book professional packers and movers

It’s time to book professional packers and movers to help you with moving. The early you hire a moving company, the good discount you’ll get from them. Make sure to go through a renowned company or a reputed directory like Citiesmovers to hire the best company available in Singapore.

✅ Pick up the day you will be moving

Once you’re done with booking packers and movers company, you then have to schedule the moving day. You have week days, weekends, and middle of the month to finalize your move. Based on the prices, traffic and other things, final the moving day.

✅ Get essential utility services at new home

This is something you need to look after before you move to a new house, right. Ensure to make a visit to your new home and get all the essential utility connections like electricity, TV connection, Wifi network, water supply, and gas connection.

10 best tips to hire trustworthy Moving Company in Singapore

1. Do a thorough research

One of the very first tips that come in finding the best and trustworthy packers and movers company is research. Since you want the best company for your home relocation you must have to do a thorough research online.

2. Get recommendations from family and friends

Even after researching online about the moving companies, you didn’t get the best one available. Don’t forget to ask your relatives and friends about the moving company. You may never know when they have availed the services from professional packers and movers for home relocation. They will provide you best recommendations possible.

3. Read out the online customer reviews

Online customer reviews play a great role in making purchasing decision of the customers. If you want to check the authenticity of the company then make sure read what the past customers say about that company. If you see positive reviews that means company has delivered best services to clients in the past.

4. Movers should be verified and certified

It’s important to hire moving company that’s is verified and certified by the government of Singapore and has trustworthy movers in team. All your household items will be moved by professionals, right. So, make sure the company you’re hiring for home relocation should have verified and certified professionals.

5. Look at the types of services moving company provides

Another important thing which you should be looking at while hiring Packers and Movers Company is the services they provide. A company must provide plethora of home relocation services such as:

  • Packing/unpacking
  • Loading/unloading
  • Transportation
  • Door-to-door services
  • Transit insurance
  • Quality material used

And the list goes on and on.

6. Check and compare the price quotation

Service quality is one thing and a price of the services is another. When you approach a moving company, you will have to check the prices at which the company offers their services. Also, get the price quotation from the company and compare it with other companies to finalize the moving company.

7. Avoid hiring cheap price company

There are many people who would go with moving companies offering services at low prices. Regardless the quality of the services offered people blindly hire those companies compromising with the quality of services. Make sure to not to make such mistake when you hire any moving company.

8. Always negotiate to get best discounts

Never ever hire the company for the prices they offer services at. Always make sure to negotiate with them to get the best possible discounts. You have to negotiate smartly to get best discounts altogether. This way you will get to avail services at best prices.

9. Never ever pay full amount in one go

If you have selected a moving company for your home relocation process, avoid making full payment in single go. There are many fake moving companies that thug your money and don’t provide services. That’s why try to pay on 3 installments. First pay in advance, then during the move, and finally when you’re reached to a new place with your belongings.

10. Always read documents carefully before signing

Can you sign any contract paper before reading? You just can’t even if you do so it will cost you a lot. Avoid signing any paper when contracting with packers and movers company unless you read their documents carefully. Also, ask for the original insurance policy paper if you have paid for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thousands of Customers Rely on Our Packers and Movers Partners.

Q: Do the packers and movers provide door-to-door services?


Yes, they will arrive at your home to pack all the items that have to be moved, and they will deliver them to your new home safely. The movers will also unpack your things after they are unloaded in the destination.

Q: What all costs are included in the packers and movers charges?


The price list provided by the moving company will include the cost of packing material, transport vehicle, labor charges and taxes. If you avail any additional services or insurance, those charges will also be added on the bill.

Q: Can I reschedule my movement after I even have paid the token amount?


You can reschedule your movement by informing your dedicated move manager whose details are included within the confirmation email. Your move manager will reschedule the movement supported the supply of slots.

Q: What Are the specified Packing Materials and Accessories For Moving and Shifting House?


When shifting Office & home from Singapore to new location or Local in Singapore than you want to have an enormous bundle of newspapers, packing tapes, packaging papers, bubble wraps, thermacols, scissors and markers. If moving with Local Movers and Packers in Singapore than the entire packing stuffs are initiated by us but if packing by own then confirm you've got these materials before you begin packing.

Q: Will the packing and moving also dismantle beds and other furniture?


Yes, we will dismantle and assemble beds and other furniture with none extra cost. However, you'll need to notify your dedicated move manager before movement.

Q: Are the packing materials are included within the package? Are there any hidden charges?


Yes, all packing materials and labour cost are provided by the seller and included within the package.

Q: Which Are the simplest and Cheap Packers and Movers in Singapore?


Packers and movers in Singapore is one among the simplest, cheap and reliable mover in Singapore; serving since 2018 and maintaining the position at top per annum with offering the simplest quality services to clients at very genuine rates which reflects cheap to your pockets comparatively to other moving companies.

Q: The way to Choose Professional and Reliable Packers and Movers in Singapore?


Choosing us won’t be difficult for you; you'll reach us with our name and thus within this community of professional and reliable packers and movers in Singapore you’ll get all the highest , certified and verified movers in Singapore at one platform who provide you with the simplest moving and packing services alongside very reliable rates.

Q: When should I start trying to find packers & movers?


For local shifting within Singapore, you ought to search for moving companies a minimum of 8 – 10 days before the relocation date. For moving out of Singapore, it’s best to start out checking out packers and movers a minimum of 10 – 20 days before your relocation day.

Q: The way to Choose Professional and Reliable Packers and Movers in Singapore?


Choosing us won’t be difficult for you; you'll reach us with our name and thus within this community of professional and reliable packers and movers in Singapore you’ll get all the highest , certified and verified movers in Singapore at one platform who provide you with the simplest moving and packing services alongside very reliable rates.

Q: What all costs are included in the packers and movers charges?


The price list provided by the moving company will include the cost of packing material, transport vehicle, labor charges and taxes. If you avail any additional services or insurance, those charges will also be added on the bill.